I'm feeling pretty bitchy tonight! Don't cross me or you'll be sorry kind of shit!
Michelle Wilson: My hard dildo will be shoved so far up your ass, you'll taste your own God damn shit, love it and ask for fucking seconds! Sissy boy dies from impacted shit! Pegging kills!
Ata Berdyev: Lmao wtf
Michelle Wilson: I had to some how beat you!
Ata Berdyev: Meh.
Michelle Wilson: Are you one Sir?
Ata Berdyev: Of course not. I love guns. I've got a handgun and a shotgun
I keep deleting friends because DON'T know what I'm doing! Fuck!
Ata Berdyev, how do you put up with fools like myself?
Ata Berdyev: lmao
I'm the most challenged human I swear, my 13 yr old is my go to! Fuck man!
Ata Berdyev: Well, start adding everyone!
Ata Berdyev: Check out my friends list.
Michelle Wilson: I will thank you